Managing trade shows is both an art and a science – and doing it effectively and professionally is a rare and valuable set of skills. D’CHILLERS is an expert in trade show and exhibition management, thanks to our years of experience in handling some large and very important trade shows in the country.

A successful product launch is crucial for market entry. Delivering a product showcase that makes a lasting impression can boost your presence in the market from the word “GO!”. After all the hard work put into developing a new product, it is absolutely crucial to get off to the right start, so why risk not doing so?
Generating buzz with the right product launch will make sure your product is noticed, and D’CHILLERS specialise in helping to make a real impression. With our creative team of event coordinators, we’ll develop your unique event concept and help to gain you the coverage your product needs to have maximum impact on the target audience.

We offer a unique portfolio of office services to keep your business running smoothly. We offer a hands-on approach with attention to detail.
we also supply toiletries for your office use and whenever, you need to promote your brand, with custom corporate gifts such as mugs, pens, USB memory sticks, umbrellas and a variety of other personalised items, D’CHILLERS is always at your service.

Whether it is planning an internal meeting to motivate sales staff and build morale or hosting a trade show to promote your business and generate clientele, D’CHILLERS will assist you in creating a marketing plan that will meet your business and marketing needs. In the spectrum of products and services that we offer, we can not only create a productive and beneficial experience for you and your attendees, but also show you how to generate that experience into a lasting impression that will set you apart from the competition.

Because of the level of return on investment yielded by event marketing, it’s the perfect addition to your marketing plan. Our meeting and event planners will tailor the event to generate your desired results and also offer added products and services that will leave a positive impact on your attendees. Events are a vital tool in building relationships, converting prospects, retaining customers and shortening the overall sales process. D’CHILLERS will help you create a program to do just that

Your brand determines your profit. Your brand is who you are – and more importantly, who customers think you are. That personality should shine through – and be consistent – whether consumers are watching a commercial or clicking on a display ad. Reading a print ad or seeing a search result. Interacting with a sales person at your store or having a conversation with an audience manager on your Facebook page. Combining personality, value and experience, we help clients build, market and manage their brands consistently across channels through branded experiences that get noticed, used, valued and shared.

Building brand awareness starts with knowing who you are and who you want to be. If you haven’t quite found your voice, we can help you with brand development by defining the benefits, attributes and characteristics of your brand; establishing what your brand looks, sounds and acts like; and determining how your brand behaves with different audience types. If you’re already an established brand with a strong personality, we can ensure consistent branded experiences across consumer touch points while helping you leverage the digital channels and platforms that will help your brand develop meaningful relationships that last.

Our brand marketing strategies combine consumer insights, market research and analytic to figure out what your brand offers that your audience needs – whether they know it yet, or not. We determine where, when and how your brand can offer value. When and where your brand has permission to engage. And how to earn permission if it’s not already allowed. Through it all, we help you build brand awareness, satisfy your customers’ need  and assert your own identity while fitting in with the community.

Effective marketing is often what separates rapidly growing companies from slow-growing or stalled companies that started at the same time, serve the same market and offer similar merchandise.

A marketing campaign isn’t something that comes to you while you’re taking a shower. At D’Chillers Concept, we carefully research, think through and focus on details and execution, rather than resting on a single, grand idea. We Plan your marketing campaign first by understanding your position in the market place.

Save time increase sales !drive results! Make distributors fall in love with you. To be successful in the post recession world, distributors and their manufacturing partners simply must work together to create a seamless supply chain.

We recruit prospective distributors and also help manage existing ones.

We help to analyse and optimise the link from the manufacturer to the distributor to effectively meet customers need.

Knowing fully well that business practises of the past have created walls- barriers that are found in even the best channel strategies; computer system, trust issues, rep issues, competitor’s advantage etc keep the distributor community from providing the data important to their very survival. At D’Chillers Concept, we help to explore deeper and find breaks in the information flow.

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